Radiance “Nut Free” MAFActive Protein Enriched Anti-Wrinkle Cream 25ml


Radiance is a nut-free alternative to our popular skin creams. It also contains our MAFActive vitamin D binding protein to help support your skin’s immunity. A jar contains about 1,500ng of Vitamin D binding protein & there is approximately 25ng’s per pea sized dab, approximately 60 applications per jar. Using advanced plant stem-cell technology, this is a beautifully textured anti-wrinkle skin cream that is gentle and yet effective. It contains no harsh chemicals and is ideally suited for the delicate eye region. This is THE cream where daily skin care combines with daily holistic care.

Contents – Apricot kernel, aloe vera juice, organic oils of sunflower seed, olive, coconut, camelina, jojoba & rosehip, aloe vera butter, hibiscus flower extract, papaya fruit extract, grapeseed extract, vitamin c, vitamin d binding glycoprotein & vitamin e
***All products made in a facility that handles almond oil.

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