MAFActive 4x’s Cream with Frankincense 50ml


MAFActive Protein Enriched Skin Cream with added Frankincense

MAFActive Frankincense Protein Enriched Skin Cream, a high quality skin cream containing approximately 100ng of vitamin D binding protein per pea sized dab and extracts of frankincense, approximately 60 applications per jar. The higher amounts of the protein support a more intense requirement. We use two types of frankincense in our blend, frankincense carterii and frankincense sacra. These are the most studied of the frankincense in use with cancer, with the sacra being sourced from the Dhofur region of Oman, considered the finest frankincense available. Boswellic acid is one of the major cancer fighting elements in frankincense so this extract of frankincense is also added back in to improve the concentration of this component.

Contents – Water, almond oil, emulsifying wax NF, frankincense sacra, frankincense carterii, extracts of frankincense , borax, glycoprotein

****Warning – this cream contains almond oil

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